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Everything in one place sewing instructions for a flower utensil

Are you looking for an idea to store various trifles practically and visually appealing? Then this flower utensil may be just right for you! Just try it out with our guide.

Practical: The utensil is not only suitable for the kitchen.

You need this for the flower utensil:

  • Floral fabric (department store)
  • Checkered fabric (department store)
  • Roundwood (hardware store)
  • Velvet ribbon (department store)
  • tape measure
  • French chalk
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • Sewing machine with matching yarn
  • saw

And this is how it's done:

1. Measure and trim the floral fabric (50 x 35 cm)
2. Turn the fabric over the two narrow sides and one long side one centimeter and stitch.
3. At the second long edge, pass the fabric for the tunnel 4 cm and stitch at the lower edge.
4. Measure and trim the checked fabric (20 x 38 cm)
5. Turn fabric over all edges one centimeter and stitch one of the long edges.
6. Now place checkered fabric on the floral and fix with pins (the already quilted side must point upwards for the opening).
7. Now stitch the other three sides directly onto the flowered fabric.
8. Sew up the graduation lengthways.
9. Saw round timber to size (about 50 cm) and push the utensil on it.
10. Knot the tape to hang on the overhanging ends of the roundwood.

Tip: Cover a clothespin with residue.

Here are the instructions for you as a PDF for download.