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NähanleitungHo you sew yourself a hen for the Easter brunch

Easter is approaching and thus planning for the extensive Easter brunch. We have a great guide for a self-sewn hen, in which the colored Easter eggs can be presented pretty.


You need this:

● Computer, printer and paper
● Cotton fabric in red
● cotton fabric in beige with dots
● Feathers (craft shop)
● 2 wooden beads in brown
● scissors
● tailor's chalk
● pins
● Sewing machine and matching yarn

And this is how it's done:

1. Download, print and cut out template.
2. Double-lay both fabrics and attach sewing patterns to each.
Transfer contours with tailor's chalk and with approx. 1 cm seam allowance
cutting out.
3. Per "chicken" half red and beige fabric right to right
stitch and trim edges with approx. 0.5 cm seam allowance. Down to the
Apply an opening.
4. Turn both parts together, tacking beige sides together.
5. Staple the beak, comb and springs between the headboard and the back piece,
Hen around, except for an upper opening of about 12 cm in length,
topstitch and turn.
6. Sew up wooden beads as eyes.

Here you can download the complete manual.

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