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Nicely wrapped knitting instructions for two pillow cases

Since cushion covers wear over time, we sometimes have to take care of a few new ones. These two cushions in the maritime style would love to grab the place on your sofa!

Whether for outdoors or indoors, these cushions look chic everywhere.

You need this for the cushion cover:

  • Model A (striped): Schachenmayr original Punto in white (Fb 00001) and indigo (Fb 00056) each 150 g
  • Model B (uni): Schachenmayr original Punto in white (Fb 00001) 300 g
  • per pillow 1 Opti zipper S 40, 35 cm long in white, Art. 4800000-00009-0035 ????????Milward knitting needles 3, 5 - 4, 5

And this is how it's done:

MASK SAMPLE: In the basic pattern: 19 M and 31 R = 10 cm x 10 cm
PEARL PATTERN: Knit 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left, change the pattern in each st.
SMOOTH RIGHT: Hinr. right M, back left M.

1st row (back row), indigo: knit in pear pattern.
2nd to 9th R in white: knit smooth right
10 R to 20 R Indigo: knit in a pear pattern.
For the white cushion model B, knit the sequence in white only.

1. Cast on 78 sts in indigo or white and knit 12 rows in pear pattern, then continue working in the basic pattern. At 42 cm height, after 10 rows in indigo or white in pear pattern, cast off all sts evenly. Both pillow parts work the same.
2. Completion: Tighten the parts and allow to dry under damp cloths. Close the side seams and top seam. Close 2.5 cm on each side of the bottom seam and sew in the zipper.

Here you will find the manual as PDF for you to download.

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