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For large and small N hanleitung for a teddy bear

Is not this Teddy cute? In keeping with the good weather, he has thrown himself into a floral robe and is just waiting to be sewn by you.

Our little floral teddy is looking for a new home!

That's what you need for the little flower teddy:

  • Floral fabric approx. 2x DIN A3
  • Felt in light blue approx. DIN A5
  • Fabric remnants in gray and black
  • 2 wooden buttons
  • fiberfill
  • French chalk
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread

And this is how it's done:

1. Print template for the teddy in the copy shop twice in DIN A3.
2. Cut out a template and transfer it twice to Bl├╝mchenstoff using a tailor's chalk. Cut fabric.
3. Cut out the templates for ears, paws, stomach, feet and snout from the second printout, transfer them to the desired fabric (felt or fabric scraps) and cut them out again.
4. Sew on the individual body parts with a zigzag stitch (please take the position from the photo).
5. Sew on buttons as eyes.
6. Place both bear fabrics right to right and sew together with a short edge. Let small opening to turn.
7. Turn fabric.
8. Pad Teddy with cotton wool.
9. Close the turning opening.
10. Sew the arms in the lockstitch with the sewing machine. Stitch around the Teddy in a short square.
11. Cut a 15 cm long and 7 cm wide strip of fabric.
12. Turn the strip in each edge for approx. 1 cm and stitch it with the sewing machine.
13. Fold the right and left sides to the middle and pin.
14. Make another piece of fabric (4 x 6 cm) on the long sides by 1 cm and stitch.
15. Now place the narrow strip in the middle of the loop, remove the pins and fix the loop with needle and thread to the bear.

Here you will find the manual as PDF for you to download.

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