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For big and small sewing instructions for a turtle

It may not be the fastest, but this turtle is sugar! Just try it on our guide.

This little companion is guaranteed to bring a good mood.

What you need for the turtle:

  • 7 different colorful fabric remnants
  • white felt in DIN A4
  • black felt
  • French chalk
  • fabric glue
  • fiberfill
  • fabric scissors
  • pin
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • sewing needle

And this is how it's done:

1. The original is created in DIN A3, the seam allowance of 1 cm is already included in the pattern.
2. Download the template, have it printed in the copy shop and cut it out.
3. Cut out one cloth head (twice), lower part (once), as well as fore and hind legs (each mirrored twice and twice) in yellow.
4. Cut the side armor part twice from a different color.
5. Cut the front and rear armor parts from 2 different fabrics. Cut once for each fabric and cut once mirrored.
6. From another fabric front and back piece, cut the middle row twice.
7. Cut the side armor parts of the middle row from 2 different fabrics. Cut once for each fabric and mirror once.
8. Cut the top armor segment from one of the previously used fabrics.
9. Put the head right side on right, sew up, except for the neck opening, which is sewn into the turtle. Just the fore and hind legs. Turn the parts over.
10. Cut the eyes out of the white and black felt and glue them onto the head with textile glue.
11. Fill head and legs with filling cotton and close at open areas.
12. When composing the armored parts, pay attention to the inscription and, according to this, sew the parts together right to right. It's best to start with the upper part of the tank.
13. In the bottom armor row, make sure that the front of the head is sewn in between the front side panels.
14. Place the forelegs and hind legs on the bottom, at the outermost point with the legs facing inwards and sew.
15. Place the tank with the right side on the right side of the lower part, fasten it and sew it up, leaving an opening to turn on one side.
16. Turn the fabric over and fill it with cotton wool, sew the opening by hand.

Here is the guide for you to download.