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A splash of color for your homeThis brings the summer to your home!

Mood enhancer wanted? Then get paint in your four walls. We have found an art print, at the sight of which we immediately feel in summer mood.

Sweet and crisp - that's the way summer tastes at home!
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Sometimes it just has to be some color and immediately our mood changes. Whether you paint a wall, paint a piece of furniture, or hang a versatile art print on the wall, color affects your mind. The right design inspires and creates an oasis of well-being.

CHERRY - the perfect summerpiece

When we look at the expressive works of the artist Carolin Loebbert, we feel directly how the summer vibes flicker through our living room.

Quasi 'shock-in love' we are in the motif CHERRY. The reduced cherries in black bowl set with their bright red color a contrasting accent to raspberry-colored background - just super cool!

We love this fresh but idiosyncratic color combination and can not get enough of it.

ww campaign-6-carolingien-Loebbert

How to get 20 percent off the digital print CHERRY

We love this fresh art print by Carolin Loebbert and have therefore put all the levers in motion to negotiate a good deal for you. From 3.06 up to and including 9.06 you will receive a 20% discount on the CHERRY motif and order your personal copy of the art print, measuring 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm, directly and simply via our Wunderweib shop.

Order in the Wunderweib Shop on invoice

By the way: No matter if you order your new summer dress or your art print CHERRY on fine 250 gram offset-paper: In the Wunderweib-Shop you can buy everything comfortably on account!

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A post shared by CAROLIN LOEBBERT (@carolinloebbert) on Oct 11, 2018 at 1:24 PDT

About the artist Carolin Loebbert

Mega fresh, uncomplicated and colorful - that probably describes the most expressive style of expression of the native of Hamburg. In 2008 she completed her studies in illustration and design at HAW Hamburg and works in the fields of illustration, art and graphics for various international publishers, agencies and labels.

Her work has already been shown in Tokyo, Antwerp and Berlin. In 2015, together with author Marcus Lucas, she published her first book, Ice Ice Baby, by avant Verlag.

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Posted by CAROLIN LOEBBERT (@carolinloebbert) on Mar 4, 2019 at 12:03 PST

We also find these decorative parts beautiful:

How about, for example, this simple wooden frame with a delicate botany print to hang on the wall?

ww campaign-6-oak frames

Or an illustration with black and white print by Peytil?


Another eye-catcher is the Poster Triangle by Tomy K., which is printed on high quality Micro Brilliant White paper

ww campaign posters-6-triangle

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