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Juliette Lewis: Saved by Scientology

Juliette Lewis is convinced Scientology has saved her

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis / ©

The singer and actress was converted in 1996 to the much-discussed science-fiction beliefs to overcome her drug addiction. She does not understand why Scientologists are constantly being criticized and is particularly upset that so much hate is being shown to the most famous follower, Tom Cruise. "It was so obscenely reported, " Lewis complains. "It's based on common sense and involves basic things like the power of communication to create world problems, it's an advanced religion that has a lot of knowledge, you can be Jewish, Buddhist, or Scientologist I'm so sorry for the mockery he gets from Tom Cruise, he's such a generous, helpful person. "Six years ago, the 36-year-old started her music career. She has had a lot of educational experiences since she released her first CD, she explains to the Daily Mirror: "My career has been a great lesson for me, I've always been an outsider and I never felt like it Being a rock'n'roll freak suits me. "