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What should I wear?

Very clear, the clothes offer. But even with 50 parts more, the clothes issue often leaves us desperate ...
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  1. Generally, it's better to dress a little overdressed than underdressed. Because that can still be compensated
  2. I have nothing to wear!
  3. And what are you wearing?
  4. What do the dress codes mean?
  5. Be confident!

Generally, it's better to dress a little overdressed than underdressed. Because that can still be compensated

What should I wear? - We discuss this question with our girlfriends in front of almost every party. Why we are looking for allies in the choice of clothes. And what common dress codes mean.

Actually we wanted to be on the way to the party long ago - if we had not passed the hall mirror again and had thrown our complete outfit in the last minute over the pile. At least now, the call is made at the best friend: " What should I wear? "

I have nothing to wear!

Most of the time we have been standing in front of the mirror for hours and thought: "Damn, I have nothing to wear". Of course that's not true, because actually our closet is bursting at the seams. Why we still do not find anything? Because we only wear about 30 percent of our clothes in the closet really regularly . The rest takes up an immense amount of space - but we do not perceive the things because we have unconsciously long since phased out them.

And what are you wearing?

But even if we are satisfied with our clothing repertoire, we often become unsure as to whether we are also "fitting" for the occasion with the selected outfit. That's why we like to seek an ally - and call our friend. "We want to be part of being overdressed or underdressed, is to be somehow wrong, and thus to be out, " says psychologist Susanne Altweger. And if we go wrong in the choice of clothes, we want to share this faux pas at least with a similarly dressed girlfriend.

What do the dress codes mean?

To avoid a mishap on important, official occasions such as corporate events, vernissages or weddings, dress codes are noted on the invitation . Very helpful - if you can decode them correctly. But what exactly does "Black Tie" mean again? Or "white tie"?

Originally (and literally), both dress codes refer to the man's wardrobe. "White Tie" ("Tie") for him necessarily means: black tails with white bow tie. "Black Tie" obliges the gentlemen to the tuxedo. And what should women wear? Fashion designer Anna von Griesheim explains: "For us, 'White Tie' means: you can get the big evening dress out." A costume or trouser suit is no alternative at such an event. And also for the rest of the styling: We are allowed to paddle. "High shoes and high-set hair are mandatory, " says von Griesheim.

"Black Tie" means for us: elegant dress or trouser suit. If "Cocktail" is on the invitation, there are two options. The safe variant is the little black one. Also fitting: "A knee-length cocktail dress, like in a stronger color, " says the designer.

Slightly looser are the requirements for dress codes such as "smart casual". The style expert: "This dress code is a mixture of casual and chic, such as a simple sweater, slim pants and ballerinas."

Be confident!

Still the question " What should I wear? " In my head? Generally, it's better to dress a bit overdressed . If you feel too chic, you can still ruffle your hair or let the statement chain disappear quickly in your pocket. But once you have lost a lot of money - no matter in which direction - only one thing helps: keep your posture. And sell himself and his outfit as a matter of course.

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