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Senior couple on the street: grandmas jumping rope

Photo: Screenshot / LiveLeak / Buzzford

childhood memory

A typical pensioner employment is probably not, but a huge seniors fun! These grandmas jump on the road rope.

Somebody should say that jumping rope is just for kids. These grandmas prove the opposite!

These old ladies do not want to know anything about knitting and drinking coffee. In their spare time, they prefer to meet for another senior fun on the street. There, they really do not pursue any other hobby than jumping rope.

An old lady after another dares to jump into the rope. It is lively jumped, the seniors are extremely fit for their age. Enthusiastically, the grandmothers revive their childhood memories and joyfully jump rope. For a moment, grandmothers forget their age and become the young girls they once were. The joy of life has been preserved in any case!