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Knit children's sweater - with instructions

Photo: deco & style

Cuddly and so cute ...

Home-made and cool at the same time: We lost our heart to the little kid's sweater ... and knit it now.

Whether for your own child or as a gift: this top for kids is just a dream - and is equally good for boys and girls alike. Sure, we have to knit the kids sweater !

What is better than to make the world of little tots more beautiful ?! Our new DIY project is this time: knit a children's sweater . But really childlike our model should not be this time. True to the motto: "Like the big ones, so the little ones", the sweater is kept in a very mature design with cuffs. No animal or car characters, no glitter applications. And what the kids like about us, they like about themselves as well. Because: the big styling role models are always mom and dad.

If you want to knit the cuddly children's sweater, you will find the free knitting pattern here for download

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