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Carl Philip & Sofia: The unloved couple

Prince Carl Philip and his Sofia defy criticism.
Photo: imago / camera press

She was allowed to join the official group photo!

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (34) and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist (28) march straight for the engagement. Actually a nice message, but in the people there is a lot of resistance.

You have to leave it to the attractive duo: It has a knack for publicity! At the weekend, Carl Philip and Sofia stole the show for the currently much more important couple in their country - Princess Madeleine (30) and Christopher O'Neill (38).

When the latter ordered the ecclesiastical offer for their wedding on June 8 at a festive church in Stockholm, Carl Philip, with his beautiful companion, astonished the church visitors and the numerous onlookers and suddenly turned their heads to them.

Well Carl Philip and Sofia did not come uninvited. Meaning, King Carl Gustaf (67), Queen Silvia (69) and certainly the bridal couple have agreed that the prince could bring his Sofia for the occasion.

Whether the royal family has considered, however, which vortex in the state of Sweden triggered the fact that Sofia not only participate in the service, but was allowed to even with the official group photo is not known.

In the internet, at least, the Swedes are still making much noise: Many are open-minded towards Sofia, because they are pretty, on the day was super-dressed and behaved discreetly.

Others are raging with indignation. They chastise Carl Philips friend that years ago she posed more or less shamelessly in front of film and television cameras. A naked model has no place in the palace, it says. Such a person is not allowed to get a princess title, nor represent Sweden, nor cash an appanage, is poisoned.

Some also criticize the royal couple, because it allowed Sofia, without an engagement ring on her finger, sunned so openly in the royal circle. Hard times for the House of Bernadotte, but Prince Carl Philip does not look as if these evil comments could shake his love for the dark-haired beautiful.

Maybe he puts on the Camilla effect. Camilla was initially covered in obscenity in the UK and eventually accepted because she was always discreet, never pushing herself into the foreground and doing and doing good for others in her own way. Just like Sofia, only that has to be rumored in Sweden ...

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