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Savior over the holidays: fruits against fatty liver

The many meals at Christmas mean enjoyment for us, but it is pure stress for our liver. Fortunately, there are fruits that do our liver good and provide for their recovery. We'll tell you what it is.

Grapefruit is good for our liver.
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  1. These four types of fruit are good for the liver
  2. Signs of fatty liver
  3. Healthy diet for the liver

These four types of fruit are good for the liver

The fatty liver occurs more frequently. Every fourth adult in this country has a fatty liver and thus an increased risk of diabetes, liver inflammation and even cancer. The fatty liver is a disease in which excess fat accumulates in the liver. The cause is usually overloading: If we eat too much, the liver stops digesting and stores the fat. The most important liver protection is therefore: less calories.

Signs of fatty liver

First signs of fatty liver can be inflammation, fatigue and general malaise. Then life and food habits should be changed so that they do not become chronic and cause serious illnesses. For a fatty liver, it is very important to follow the doctor's instructions.

On the Christmas holidays we like to eat too much - it must be high in calories and greasy - which means stress for the liver. But we do not get sick so quickly, there must already be a permanent increase in calorie intake until a fatty liver develops.

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Healthy diet for the liver

We can do a lot for our detoxification organ and prevent fatty liver even in total health. A healthy, liver-friendly diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. We introduce you to the 4 types of fruit over which liver is especially good at.

1. apple

Apple promote the cleansing of the liver and protect against free radicals. An apple in the morning helps reduce blood sugar levels and is also good for many other health benefits.

The malic acid contained in apples nourishes the liver and kidneys and prevents the formation of kidney stones. It is best if you eat the apple with shell, as it contains valuable minerals.

2. lemon

Lemons are known to contain a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. You can best use the health benefits of lemon juice if you drink a glass of lemon juice every day - preferably with warm water and on an empty stomach. This is not only good for the liver!

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruits contain enzymes that help to reduce fat and pollutants. Malic acid and carotenoids nourish the liver and the naringenin they contain ensures that excess fat is eliminated from the liver.

4th avocado

Avocados contain fiber that has a filling effect. They reduce blood sugar levels and prevent harmful substances from accumulating in the liver. The healthy avocados improve the performance of the organs. So how about an avocado smoothie?

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