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My dream dress: bride crochets her wedding dress herself

She has herself crocheted her wedding dress in 50 working hours.
Photo: Chi Duong

Crochet wedding dress

A Seattle bride crocheting her wedding dress herself - on her way to work. The Touching: The dress is dedicated to her deceased grandma.

If the saying 'made with love' applies to a story, then it. It's the story of a young woman who touches. Architect Chi Krneta has fulfilled one of her greatest desires and crocheted her own wedding dress - in memory of her deceased grandmother.

In the rarest cases, dreams and reality are the same - the same goes for most wedding dresses. The color or the style is wrong, the train is too long, the arms too short. Nervous shopping days are the result. Nothing like that with Chi Krneta.

While other commuters on the way to work reading a book, listening to music or talking on the phone, the young woman Masche has struggled for stitch to her wedding dress. And it's almost free.

"I've always known that someday I'd design and make my own wedding dress, crocheting it was the cheapest option, " she tells ABC News. The material for the dress and the underwear cost Chi Krneta 50 working hours and 24 € .

Her wedding dress did not last. The beautiful bride also crocheted the dresses of her bridesmaids.

Chi Krneta fulfilled a childhood dream with her self-crocheted wedding dress. " My grandmother taught me to crochet , so wearing my own dress was a great way to have her with me all day, " the young woman enthuses. Krneta's grandmother passed away seven years ago.

You can see more photos of Chi Krneta and your big day on her flickr page. In this video you impressively shows how the wonderful dress was created.

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