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Knitting Gloves Alternative Mittens - with free guide

Individual, self-made mittens with Norwegian pattern are our favorite in the cold winter.

This is what our self-made mittens look like!
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You want to make your loved ones a self-made gift for Christmas or you would like to come to the benefit of warming mittens? Then watch out! Knitting mittens can be so relaxing with tea and biscuits - and with the right instructions, they will certainly succeed!

We are currently very fond of the classic Norwegian pattern and wear it on scarves, hats and wool sweaters. But we would like to design warmth for your fingers. Designed in red and white and as a classic mitten, the glove alternatives become real winter favorites.

Knit mittens ? Yes absolutely! Because for some time now you can wear the childlike winter companion as an adult!

Knitting mittens - the free guide

(Info: M = mesh, right = right, left = left)

What you need (mittens in size 8): - 50g each of red and white wool (about 85m / 50g) - double pointed needles (size 4-5)

And this is how it works: 1. Cast on 42 stitches with red wool (1st and 3rd needle each 10 stitches, 2nd and 4th needle 11 stitches each). Close the stitches in the round, knit in the ribbed pattern (1 st, 1 st on left) approx. 9 cm. Knit the next row to the right (1 st red, 1 st white), then 1 row red and white to the 1st row. Knit 10 rows white smooth right.

2. Now start with the red star (print pattern below). In the 11th row for the right thumb, close the 2nd to 7th stitch of the 1st needle (preferably with a safety pin) - for the left thumb, close the 5th to 10th stitch of the 2nd needle. Repeat 6 stitches for the glove over the closed stitches. Continue according to the pattern.

3. When the star is knitted, knit another 10 rows in white wool. Then as in the cuff 2 rows offset (1 M red, 1 M white) knit.

4. Continue in red. In each round, take off the 1st st of the 1st and 3rd needle on the right, knit the 2nd st, then pull the raised st over the knitted sts. At the end of the 2nd and 4th needle knit 2 sts together. Pull through the last 6 sts and sew inside.

5. For the thumb, knit 7 sts out of the stop edge in red and put the 6 sts on the needles. On the first round increase 1 st on both sides (= 15 sts), work 7 cm, then knit 7 x 2 sts together. Pull thread through the last 8 sts and sew inside.

Knitting Mittens : The Stars Pattern

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