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What is Justin Bieber doing with his first million?

The Bieb wants to buy a house for his mother

Justin Bieber / Instagram
Justin Bieber may be the shooting star of the year, but despite sold-out concert halls and the resounding success of his second album, My World 2.0, he's not a millionaire yet. "One million is a lot of money, that's how much I would like to earn, " he mused to the press, and it is likely that it will not be long before he can call the proud sum of his own. What he said with the will make all the coal? An expensive sports car to the just acquired driving license should be just as little as other luxury frills. The Bieberlein thinks practically and generously, because he would probably buy a new house with the merit of his singing career of his mother. "That would be great, " he says, and we're wondering why Justin, despite world fame back home in Stratford, Canada, still lives with Mama Pattie Mallette in a small terraced house. His reveries of wealth also provide a clear indication of how much a star himself is and what record studio, managers and agents earn from it. Although The Bieb certainly has a lot more coal on it than most of the other 16-year-olds, he still does not think he's a millionaire despite his mega success. Here's a video showing Justin Bieber in his home where he lives as a normal teenager. Would you have thought that he still lives so modestly?