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Fies! Duchess Kate is so mockingly ridiculed

Under continuous observation: Every step of Kate is critically accustomed by the public
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Years of aging

Actually, the British are at their future queen's feet, but as soon as the 33-year-old shows human weaknesses, she is punished mercilessly by her compatriots.

Tired, exhausted and drained, not even the perfect smile on their lips, just as Duchess Kate is celebrated for her perfect performances, just as hard the public punishes the mother of two when she visually does not meet the public demands.

A few days ago, the wife of Prince William was spotted shopping for Christmas in the posh London district of Chelsea, visibly exhausted with deep rings under his eyes. A British tabloid magazine then blasphemed: "Kate does not look like the beginning 30, but more like 40!"

Is the mother twice overwhelmed?

Daughter Charlotte is just seven months old, her brother George is said to be a real bundle of energy with his two years. Despite full-time nanny, many believe Kate is overwhelmed. Also the duties of her royal job would grow more and more over her head.

All nonsense! Kate is probably just like the rest of the world on the home stretch for some well-deserved days off over Christmas with the family.

Because let's be honest, as contemplative as we wish the Christmas season, the more stressful are the days before. We are already overwhelmed with the question of what we should give our mother in law for Christmas, Kate, however, must even find the right present for the Queen.

We find, as a mother of two, patroness of various charities and Royal under permanent observation may also have the otherwise perfect Kate Augenringen and look tired. After all, that's human and it's precisely because of this quality that Kate is so popular!