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This is the most expensive dress in the world - designed by Debbie Wingham

Photo: Screenshot Facebook / Noir by Debbie Wingham

The priceless dress in the world

A dream in black, white and red. But why is this Abaya-style dress worth an incredible 16 million dollars?

Debbie Wingham is the name of the woman who designed the most expensive dress in the world . It is worth 16 million euros and consists of the finest fabrics and diamonds. Of course, everything is real here. For six months, the designer worked on it and stitched stitch after stitch. For example, the yarn was made of 14-carat gold and 50 white and black diamonds each. Sounds incredibly time-consuming and expensive. But the real highlight of the dress is a very rare, red diamond, which alone costs already eight million euros and decorates the lush decorated décolleté.

But why do you create such a dress that few people can afford? The 32-year-old Debbie Wingham has already equipped Hollywood actress Kate Winslet on the red carpet. Nevertheless, the Briton is largely unknown. And how do you change that? Two years ago, they designed the most expensive dress in the world to get into conversation, she reveals in the RTL interview. Apparently a smart move ...

But this dress will not wear a well-heeled lady. The processed diamonds are all on loan from rich owners - in other words, the dress does not belong to designer Debbie Wingham! Accordingly, it can not sell. For presentation purposes only, the dress, which is modeled on a traditional Islamic garment called Abaya, is removed from its security hiding place. And if one of the diamond owners wants his clunk back? Then, unfortunately, Wingham has to destroy her work.

By the way: Debbie Wingham, whose creations usually cost up to 4, 000 euros, is not a blank slate as far as priceless clothes are concerned. Already in 2012 she designed a highlight dress in a mermaid look made of diamonds. Total value? Around 4.4 million euros - and thus to date the second most expensive dress in the world.

Contributed by Noir by Debbie Wingham.

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