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Soldier surprises his family on vacation

Photo: YouTube / Bethany Bronson

They had not expected that!

Emotional Family Reunion: They had not seen each other for six months. But then a soldier surprises his wife and children on a beach vacation.

Captain Hyrum Bronson is a Air Force soldier and has been stationed in Afghanistan for six months . It will take another three long weeks to see him again with his wife and four small children.

While the family is on a beach holiday in Japan, a friend wants to send a video to the father and send it to him via Facebook. The children and their mother say they miss him and look forward to seeing him again soon.

But then the unbelievable happens: Hyrum Bronson emerges out of the water with complete diving equipment and uniform and surprises his family. His first words: "Report me to the service!" The joy of seeing you knows no bounds!

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