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A world champion outfit for your Facebook profile

A world champion outfit for the Facebook profile.
Photo: Wunderweib

Black red Gold. We are standing by you. Give your facebook profile a black-red-gold touch and show the world who's champion: WE!

Would you like to keep your fan shirt and world championship chain forever and start the next four years with black, red and gold stripes on your face? You can, but you do not have to. With our World Champion outfit for the Facebook profile you can show the whole world who really got the title! WE! And we are a team!

It's that easy:

1. Download profile picture and title photo and save the two templates on your PC.

2. Go to your chronicle and move your mouse over your profile or title photo.

3. Click on 'Update profile or title image', then on 'Upload photo' and select the appropriate photo.