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Colorful Patches: We love funny patches

We love colorful patches!
Photo: Tracdelight / Asos

They are colorful, funny and just put you in a good mood: patches are the trend of the summer

They are colorful, they are funny and they are just in a good mood: colorful patches for your clothes. Whether at Zara, H & M or Urban Outfitters: Everywhere you will find just the squeaky patches on jackets, pants or shirts.

Great summer feeling and lots of colorful eye-catchers. That's what we wish for the next months. And fittingly there is this trend. Patches as far as the eye can see. And the great thing: You can easily iron on the patches yourself.

Ever since a bomber jacket with Zara patches was mentioned in a post by a famous fashion blogger, the patches trend has long since become unstoppable. The jacket was sold out quickly and everyone wants patches now. So come on! Here are our favorites.

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