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Jungle Camp 2015: These candidates are threatened with nerve alarm!

The moderators Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow will again comment on the happenings in the jungle in 2015.
Photo: RTL

Finally jungle time again

It's that time again! New year, new camp and of course new candidates. We took a closer look at this year's fast celebrities ...

On the 16th of January it is finally time again " I am a star - get me out of here "! Every day we turn on RTL to watch wannabe celebs eating cockroaches in the jungle camp and listen to the slightly derogatory sayings of presenters Sonja Zietlow (46) and Daniel Hartwich (36) . It is laughed again, cried and confessed! Although somehow each year again no "The Jungle Camp" will look and anyway everyone finds the program super embarrassing, but ultimately everyone can have a say. No wonder, after all, the disgust camp is the top entertainment for the next two weeks: meals including free nausea, sleeping cots without sleeping comfort, psychologically valuable campfire conversations and jungle testing with our favorite insects. Although among the candidates this year, even less celebrity factor in the camp, as before, the usual role distribution is still given. A luck!

This time around we have three ladies of the youngest generation, who have a great need for communication and will cause a sensation:

On the one hand, there is "Bachelor" candidate Angelina Heger (22), who fought to the detriment of her dream man Christian Tews this year (meanwhile, of course, she has found another dream man). She will play the role of the bitchy chick we see unvarnished for the first time in the camp. We choose her in every possible jungle exam, because she despairs and sinks into each task so beautifully and in self-pity. Their predecessors were, for example, Sarah Knappik (8th place in 2011) or Larissa Marolt (2nd place in 2014).

Former "GNTM" candidate Sara "No idea" Kulka (24) will give the perfect second Gabby Rinne (7th place in 2014). The blonde is mother of a daughter since this year and won in 2013 at the "Wild Girls" when she was on high heels stalking through Africa. Although she is a chick, but tough and quite resilient. So Kulka, like Rinne, has the best prerequisites to get into our heads through thoughtless statements and lots of TamTam.

The DSDS candidate Tanja Tischewitsch (24), who during her time with "DSDS" impressed juror Kay One with her singing - more precisely, with her feminine curves - is probably also being jarred. And funny statements without content. The perfect successor for Georgina Fleur (6th place in 2013)! Lots of jingling, a lot "I need my make-up" and a lot "Why do not they bring us normal food?" Wonderful!

And then there are the others ...

Colorful bird and male coward will probably become ex "GNTM" juror Rolf "Rolfe" Scheider (58) . The young man is a trained beautician and will hardly be satisfied with the sparse jungle decor. Tears included, of course. His predecessor: Julian FM. Stöckel (place 9 2014).

What the last two years Olivia Jones and Jochen Bendel were could be "Wheel of Fortune" Maren Gilzer (54) : The Camp Mum . To shine with life experience, to give comfort, to remain as impartial as possible and to prepare meals - sounds like the actress who soon wants to adopt a child.

The ex- Caught in the act singer Benjamin Boyce (46) has all the prerequisites to finally show just like Patrick Nuo (5th place in 2013) as a formerly successful singer of the public: "Hello, I'm still there and By the way, a very great man! "With luck, Boyce also has a heartbreaking emotional story to tell - like Nuo: He confessed during one of the many psycho campfires his sex addiction. Truly brave of him to share this terrible fate with the world! Of course he has nothing.

With six-pack and brains, "GZSZ" actor Jörn Schlönvoigt (28 ) will score as Marco Angelini (6th place in 2014). Not really teasing, but rather with a nice appearance and nice character. Or in short: bored us. Since Schlönvoigt is the only real celebrity in the camp, it can be natural that this fact goes upside down - we'll see.

Schoenling competition gets Schlönvoigt from "Bachelorette" candidate Aurelio Savina (36) . He considers himself the man of all men. With unbearably narcissistic charm and hair clapped to his head, he could not score at the Bachelorette - which of course was due to her. Just like Michael Wendler this year, Italo-Aurelio has the chance to show his vulnerable, sympathetic side in the jungle camp. Of course you do not have to use this chance. Incidentally, Wendler was the first to voluntarily leave the camp. Strangely enough, he had the feeling that he was not very popular ...

Who remembers Corinna Drews or Tanja Schumann? Right: nobody. The two took the 10th and the 4th place this year. Here "Lindenstraße" actress Rebecca Simoneit-Barum (37) will line up . Not known before the camp and unfortunately not after the camp.

Surprise hit could be Patricia Blanco (41) : The daughter of pop singer Roberto Blanco has to fight with family chaos, but certainly a lot to tell. By the way, the whatever-also-her-professional-thing has already made two appearances in the "picture". We'll certainly see a few curves while showering!

Speaking of blank draw: The former "The price is hot" co-host Walter Freiwald (60) could be the new Klaus Baumgart (10th place in 2013)! Slightly oblique, a bit older, TV retirees. Baumgart liked to draw blank and showed his best piece - whether Freiwald also chooses this way to present himself on our screens?

Either way, the latest season of "I'm a star - get me out of here" is also boring.