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Crochet crochet tablecloths with hemstitch look and carobordure

These homemade placemats make every breakfast bar even more comfortable. We'll show you how to easily crochet them yourself with two different patterns.

You need this:

The next breakfast can come with these great placemats.
  • Anchor Style Creativa (100% cotton, length about 70m / 50g) in color 01309 Eggplant (about 100g)
  • Crochet Hook No. 4

And this is how it's done:

Basic pattern for the hemstitch look:

Crochet as follows on a chain in back and forth row as follows:
1st row: 1 crochet stitch into the 2nd stitch of the air from the needle, crochet 1 crochet stitch in each following stitch
2nd row: Crochet 3 pieces of air as a substitute for the 1st stick, into each solid M 1 stick
3rd row: 1 air mesh in addition, in each chopsticks 1 firm stitch, in each case only in the front mesh member pierce.
4th row: like 2nd row
Work the 1st to 4th rows 1x, then repeat the 3rd and 4th rows.

Instructions for the hemstitch look:

Cast on 49 pieces of air and a spiral air stitch and crochet in the basic pattern = 49 stitches. After approx. 41 cm from the stop (following a row of sticks), crochet the set in rounds as follows:
1st round: 3 air stitches as a substitute for the 1st stick, * 2 air stitches, in the following row of sticks on the long sides or at the narrow sides 2 sticks uncoiled and in the following stick a 1.5 times stick (= 2 envelopes on take the needle and cut off 1 x 2 and 1 x 3 loops together), repeat from * crochet in each corner a 1.5-fold stick, 5 air stitches and a 1.5-fold stick into a puncture site. This and all following rounds with a caution: After this and all following rounds turn the work, that is to say in the opposite direction further crochet.
2nd round: 1 additional air stitch, 1 stitch in each stitch, always pricking only into the front stitch piece. Also make 2 sts at the corners together (= pull through a loop for each sturdy stitch, then use an envelope to cut off all the loops on the needle together).
Round 3: Turn with 1 air mesh, in each fixed loop 1 firm stitch, while working in each corner 2 fixed stitches in a puncture site.
4th round: In each fixed stitch a Kettmasche, in each case only in the front mesh member piercing. Cut the thread.

This is what the hemstitch look looks like when it's done.

Basic pattern for the carobordure:

Crochet on a chain or a previously crocheted row of fixed sts, crochet 1 stich in each stitch or in each stitch or stitch, and turn each stitch with 1 stitch of air.

Instructions for the carobordure:

First work for the carobordure (drawn in black) according to the crochet pattern, starting at the beginning of the arrow A, start 6 air-stitches and 1 spiral-stitched fly and crochet in regular stitches. The numbers in the crochet letters indicate the rows. For the 1st check, perform the 1st - 6th row 1x. Then follow the directional arrow to the second check and crochet as shown. A total of 6 checks work, cut thread. Now crochet the narrow sides and the lower long side of the carobord (= green). Begin by crocheting the plaids at the beginning arrow B with 1 round air mesh, while the outer corners of the carabord door by chain stitches with the air chain chain. In addition, on the long side of the pattern on all 6 diamonds complement mutatis mutandis. Close the round with 1 sliver in the 1st airlock. Then crochet the narrow sides and the lower long side 1 x with the 7th - 9th row. Finally, work the rest of the placemat (= drawn in red). For this work on the air stitches of the non-crocheted long side still in the basic pattern continue = 60 fixed stitches. After about 41 cm from the beginning of the basic pattern cut off the thread.

Here you can find both instructions for download:

  • Placemat with hemstitch look
  • Placemat with carobordure