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The style of Bonnie Strange

Stars in style check: Bonnie Strange

Sloppy outfits, constantly new hair colors and a beaming smile: This is Bonnie Strange. The shrill Berliner polarises with her looks.

Bonnie Strange in style check
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We subjected the it girl to a style check.

Germany's It Girl. Yes, that would fit very well - if Bonnie Strange was not really too bulky, too shrill and too mainstream, in short: too strange to be a real It Girl. It brat. That's more likely.

The sloping style of Bonnie Strange shows the gallery (18 pictures).

The secret recipe for their unique style is best described with a mix of Lady Gaga, hipster and grunge. Bonnie Strange likes to stage her legs in short shorts and dresses, her hair is constantly shining in a different color and only she manages to wear latex from head to toe and still look cool. In addition to street styles, she can also be elegant. Then she walks around the red carpet in the laser cut-out dress by Kaviar Gauche.

Bonnie Strange designs her own fashion

In addition to the contents of her wardrobe, Bonnie Strange's creative potential also seems endless: She photographs, models and sells her own designs for the lines "The Shit" and "Barré noir" at the Berlin vintage shop "The Shit Shop". Cooperations with major brands complete the day-to-day work of the ex-model.

Incidentally, she still has time to share her hair coloring results and get a new tattoo from her "Mini Me" Laura Cherrygrove. Who thinks now, if someone could just be totally crazy and eccentric on it, is wrong: Bonnie Strange is not strange at all, but just a power woman - and also sweet as sugar. Just a real it-goer.

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