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Andrea Berg: New hair color?

So changeable is Andrea Berg!
Photo: Schultz-Coulon /

Even more natural, elegant and younger

New beginning with new hair color ? Her fiery red mane is her trademark and her look as well generally says: Look here! But on current pictures from the "NDR Talkshow" one sees a completely different Andrea Berg (46): It looks even more natural, elegant and younger.

Wow! Andrea Berg proves once again how changeable she is. Last year she parted company with longtime producer Dieter Bohlen (58). Boldly she started a new beginning and has been unstoppable ever since.

Their anniversary show "Andrea Berg - The 20 Years Show" exceeded all expectations, was a huge odds success. Yes, her TV show was even seen by more people than her eternal rival Helene Fischer.

Andrea Berg is just a phenomenon and always surprises. But: Will she renounce her fiery red mane in the future? Does she have a new hair color ? Was it just a tint?

Anyway, she looks great. It will be interesting to see what Andrea Berg surprises us next ...