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Heartless Video: Would you just keep going?

Would you also pass by a homeless person on the street who needs help?
Photo: youtube


A bustling inner city, a homeless man collapses on the street and nobody helps. Scenes that matter. But even more shocking: the whole video is a test by a French reporter team. When the alleged homeless man wears a suit, it does not take a minute for him to be helped.

Sad reality? Most people would not hesitate to say "yes" to the question of whether they would help in this situation. Nevertheless, there are opportunities on a daily basis where we could do good but not do it . The homeless in the subway without shoes, where you pass every morning. The young confused man in the park. Actually, we should ask more often, as it goes to the people who notice us.

Why does one - as in the case of the video - not intervene? Often for many people the situation is not clear. Homeless people are considered drunk or drugged. Most people do not want to get their hands dirty. Still, a quick call to the police does not require much time or money in the cell phone age. And you do not have to stand still. So you can also avoid bad conscience.

Perhaps the video of the French reporter team will boost your confidence to intervene next time.

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