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Concealing problem zones made easyThe perfect bathing dress: Beautiful on the beach with every figure

No bikini, no swimsuit - the bathing suit makes from now the conventional beachwear hard competition. These advantages exist.

Swimsuit with small, trendy pineapple prints, about 60 Euro, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken
  1. What is a bathing suit?
  2. Bathing dresses only for XXL ladies?
  3. Swimwear: Our conclusion

What is a bathing suit?

Never heard of a bathing dress ?! Never mind, from now on you will get to know it. It is THE alternative to the bikinis and swimsuits of the season. A bathing suit looks most like a swimsuit - but only almost. The fine difference: The bathing dress has an additional piece of fabric, which is cut from the chest just like a dress A-line, the panty is sewn accordingly. The great thing about our new favorite part: It not only looks cute, it also hides more than its relatives and thus ensures relaxed bathing fun. The bathing dresses are there

Bathing dresses only for XXL ladies?

No of course not. A bathing suit can attract any woman who finds the cut or pattern good. Of course, a bathing gown has great possibilities to conceal alleged problem areas. The flared cut, for example, covers a round belly well. The models go at least just over the Po. Of course, that also means that voluptuous hips, strong buttocks or rider trousers disappear well behind the fabric. Excellent!

Swimwear: Our conclusion

Bath dresses are available in many colors and patterns. Here's something for every taste. Especially for women who are reluctant to go to the beach because of their problem areas, a swim dress is just perfect. It conceals and still leaves enough wind and sun to the skin. But at the same time you are somehow attracted. Many of the pieces have wide straps and smart gathers at the top, giving shape and support to a large breast. And the material used is like any other swimwear. So come on and into the flood ...!

Here are some examples of bathing dresses:

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