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Laminate Belly: These parts conjure a flat stomach

Denim dress, about 60 Euro, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken

How to hide the extra pounds

Ruchungen, Schnitte & Co .: With our styling tricks you can easily make your stomach flatter - and without exhausting hours in the gym.

Every woman has her own, very personal problem zone that bothers her most. For some it is their hips, others do not like their strong upper arms, and some find their belly too untrained and plump. Of course, sports and healthy nutrition help in most cases, but as long as that does not bring any visible results, we conceal the stomach with a few styling tricks in no time.

Slim parts: How to hide a stomach

First of all, one thing must be noted: tight clothing is unfortunately taboo for a roundish stomach, because it wears up and makes it look even rounder. Therefore, the first rule when laminating the belly: Her with the flowing substances! Above all tops are wonderful to let the tummy visually disappear. A wide-falling chiffon shirt can then be combined well with a narrower pants. The main thing is that it just falls over the belly and does not end in its middle.

Even clothes, whether for leisure or the evening, you can confidently wear with a tummy - it depends on the cut on it. Again, the width is the nuts and bolts. Above all, dresses in the Empire style are great with this problem area. Characteristically, these dresses are cut so that they "tie down" under the bust with a bow or the like and then drop slightly flared down. Even clothes with a layering effect on the bodice let the belly disappear with the extra addition of fabric.

Also great if you want to cheat your belly down less: gathers at the waist, the sideways, the body center a little move and so distract attention from the stomach. Speaking of distracting: Get more opaque shades from your clothes than bright colors. Generally speaking, dark tones make you look slimmer than bright ones. Even shimmering fabrics, such as silk and satin can apply, you also resort to matte alternatives.

And what about patterns? Often women think that patterns always apply a lot and therefore keep their fingers off it. The answer is more difficult here, because in fact it depends on the selected pattern. Wide, horizontal stripes are often not beneficial. For flowers or small dots are already ok. But make sure that only part of your look has a pattern. This makes it more balanced.

You can also use matching accessories to hide your tummy. Long chains or scarves are great for that because they distract the focus from the belly. Also layered looks with cardigans, vests or blouses that fall light and loose are ideal for women with a round belly. And when the bathing season begins, choose a swimsuit or tankini for your figure.

Then summer can come!

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