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Myway Knitting, felting, crocheting Ran to the needles! Instruction: felt carpet made of circles

Felting is the perfect hobby for those who like to beautify their home with stylish home accessories. All we need is wool, needle, thread and not to forget this free guide.

You can felt this colorful carpet yourself!
Photo: Deco & Style

A decorative item that belongs in every home? A small carpet on which vases, bowls and bowls can be placed. This enchanting felt rug is perfect for putting accessories in the limelight and the best part: Because it's made by hand, this unique item is guaranteed to have no one but us.

The stylish carpet is made up of many different colored circles that make it a colorful mood maker.

If you really want to call this carpet your own, you will find the instructions here for download.

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