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Bar Refaeli wears a tiny white ink tattoo

Bar Refaeli got her first and last tattoo engraved

Supermodel Bar Refaeli dared to step and got her first tattoo on her wrist. She chose a tiny motive professionally, which - however, with its white ink - is very much in vogue.

Bar Refaelis first white ink tattoo
Photo: Bar Refaeli / Instagram

In times when young stars like Justin Bieber have tattooed the entire arm before their 20th birthday and even supermodels like Cara Delevingne boldly put on ornamentation in prominent places, one can not praise a little understatement high enough. Bar Refaeli introduced her first and on January 4th, 2014 her first known, last tattoo on Instagram, which indeed looks adorable on her.

The tattoo motifs of the stars are shown in the gallery:

On the side of the wrist, the Israeli model now wears a tiny butterfly that has been stuck in her skin with white ink and, after curing, looks even sweeter than fresh after a visit to the tattoo parlor.

Rihanna, Kate Moss - who else wears white tattoos

This subtle tattoo form is currently very popular - Rihanna, Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan also have permanent body art in white. It remains to be seen whether it fades quickly on the hand, as well as the answer to the question whether Bar Refaeli will really leave it with a single tattoo.

If not for tattooing, Bar Refaeli goes for vampire lifting. More about the bloody beauty trend here!

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