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HealthThis simple trick protects you from colds!

Winter is cold. In order to survive the cold season without cold and cough, you should definitely do this one thing.

The simplest cold protection is: Sleep!
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Snow, cocoa, Christmas ... As much as we like winter, one thing annoys us every year: colds. In the cold season, we regularly get caught again and again, even though we always pack warm in scarf and coat. Maybe it's because the dependable protection is completely different.

No, we're not talking about a prophylactic flu shot, but a very simple trick that does not cost a penny . We are talking about sleep, which, if we believe the University of California, protects us better than all the vitamins in the world from colds. So we do not get sick, we just have to sleep enough. Seven hours, the study says, should be it by night. This ensures that the body can really recover from the hardships of the day. Too little sleep, on the other hand, damages the immune system.

Then all we need now is someone who reminds us in the evening that it's bedtime . Not that Netflix stops us again ...

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