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Main thing away - cheap travel with Blind Booking

Holidays do not always have to be expensive - Blind Booking makes it possible!
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  1. Cheap flight and hotel deals
  2. Flight into the blue
  3. Hotel Roulette

Cheap flight and hotel deals

You want to fly on vacation? No matter where - main thing gone? Our secret: Blind Booking! Flight and hotel deals at bargain prices.

Do you know about the beauty of Apulia or the history of Gothenburg? Not? The time has come! Granted, they're not targets that top the list of 'places to see'. The coasts of Italy and the cultures of Sweden certainly have their appeal. Especially if it is at a bargain price.

We already know blind dates, but blind booking ? It is the new form of travel. You are booking a vacation without knowing where it is at all. They book almost blindly. Only after completing the booking, you will learn where to go.

Flight into the blue

The low-cost airline germanwings is known for its bargains. It's even cheaper: Blind Booking - surprise flights at reasonable prices. Return flight for € 66 - who can say no? The goal: unknown. You can book the surprise trip from six German airports.

Whether city trip or sightseeing tour - you decide what you feel like. It should go to the sea? Not a problem. For just under 100 € you can pack the beach bag. A fixed price!

The great thing is that thanks to the various categories, you can somehow limit your destination. After Leipzig it is about the history of Bach to work up, but not to let the sun shine on his stomach. You are not that brave? No problem. Blind Booking offers the possibility to completely exclude individual goals. Remove the catch of individual places and already restrict your destination. Little downer: Each cancellation costs 5 €.

Caution: cost trap

Here a city less, as a piece of luggage more - additional functions drive up the prices of flights very quickly. In addition to the 5 € city cancellation fees, a seat reservation costs 10 € per person / way and for a piece of luggage 12 € per person / route, hand luggage included.

It certainly requires a little courage to book flights in the blue. Once the input button is pressed, the fear is already gone. Low-cost carrier germanwings wants to expand its offer, the airlines Lufthansa and Air Berlin also offer the first lottery flights. Random travel that takes you to places you would never have seen under normal circumstances.

Hotel Roulette

The destination is clear, the flight booked, the accommodation yet? No problem! Blind Booking also has an adequate offer here. The platform convinces with a similar concept as low cost air carrier germanwings. Only difference: the selection of the resort.

The first step: You select the resort. Also the daily price limit, the star category and the ratings of others can be considered. The exact address remains a mystery. Information about equipment and location convince you or not. Still insecure? Photos help with the decision.

If you book your accommodation via Blind Booking, you can save up to 60% of the normal price. The only drawback: The platform '' limited to a manageable offer. On the American website the offer is bigger.

Important: You have the same rights and entitlements as with a conventional booking. Just because you travel cheaply, you have to accept neither defects nor quality losses. Now it's your turn! Where should it go? Ans Meeer, in the city, for shopping, ...?

Or maybe to Paris? Here you decide for yourself what the night is worth to you.