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The world bids farewell to Helmut Schmidt

The memorial service for Helmut Schmidt took place today in Hamburg

It was a touching funeral service, to which, in addition to the family and personal friends of Helmut Schmidt, many politicians also came to Hamburg's St. Michael's Church.

Almost two weeks after the death of former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, a state ceremony took place today in Hamburg's main church of St. Michaelis . 1, 800 invited guests from Germany and abroad came to Hamburg.

State Act: Germany bids farewell to Helmut Schmidt |

- Michael Sifkovits (@MichiSifkovits) November 23, 2015

Besides Federal President Joachim Gauck, German Chancellor Angela Merkel also took part. She gave a speech in farewell to Helmut Schmidt:

Chancellor Merkel: The death #HelmutSchmidt tears a gap in the political landscape. He will miss us. #Staatsakt

Posted by daily on Monday, November 23, 2015

The hamburgers applaud for Helmut Schmidt

After the memorial service Helmut Schmidt was driven in a dark car to the cemetery in Ohlsdorf. Thousands of hamburgers stood on the roadsides in Hamburg to pay their respects to the old chancellor. Many of the people cried. As the car drove past them with the coffin of Helmut Schmidt, they applauded.

Hamburg mourns Helmut Schmidt. Sierichstra├če #helmutschmidt

- julia kuttner (@jukut) November 23, 2015

His last rest Helmut Schmidt now finds in the family grave next to his wife Loki. The funeral takes place in private circles.

The world says goodbye to Helmut Schmidt. We will miss him.

Who should explain the world to us now? In grief and gratitude, your colleagues at the @DIEZEIT #HelmutSchmidt

- Karoline Kuhla (@die_kuhla) November 23, 2015

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