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Knowledge of Human: So you see through everyone!

I know what you're up to! With our tips, you become an expert in human knowledge
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  1. Ex-secret agent Leo Martin reveals how it works ...
  2. To err is human
  3. Everyone lives in his reality
  4. Treacherous feeling
  5. Self-knowledge helps
  6. Professional Cheater

Ex-secret agent Leo Martin reveals how it works ...

One look is enough for ex-agent Leo Martin to know who he's facing. Why we so often misunderstand in others and how we decode signals correctly

Secret agents such as Leo Martin (36, "I look through you!", Ariston, 16.99 euros), who has spent ten years working for the domestic intelligence service, know that knowing people means interpreting and predicting the behavior of others.

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To err is human

One should be aware that one can err in spite of all human knowledge . For example, a study from the University of Texas has shown that strangers can only estimate 20 percent of those who tick, 35 percent of those with close friends .

Everyone lives in his reality

In his job Leo Martin had to be able to see through other people in an instant . The crux of it: we all see the world so very subjective. "The art of judging others is not to judge someone by how to find something for themselves." The secret of the knowledge of human nature is thus to be able to distinguish one's own wishes and ideas exactly from those of others.

Treacherous feeling

Caution is especially important if someone is very nice to us. The positive impression often outshines all others. It gets really treacherous, if the person also resembles us, has strengths or quirks, which we know well. Then we tend to advance lobes - and wrong judgments.

Self-knowledge helps

It therefore makes sense to realize that we all have personal "blind spots". Those who are about an analytical type are more likely to be impressed by numbers. Those who value status are more likely to be blinded by expensive clothing . And you can no longer judge others neutrally.

Professional Cheater

We are almost powerless against wrongful judgments when dealing with real fraudsters. But they have one characteristic: They are a bit too perfect and too eloquent in everything.

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