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This woman a 30 years only fries and eggs

Since Katey Loughran, 37, from the UK, is six years old, she eats nothing but eggs and chips. What sounds strange at first is a heavy fate. The mother of two was so ashamed of her compulsive eating habits that she visited a hypnotist.

Photo: youtube / News Today LIVE

Now the young woman has for the first time eaten a "real" dish.

Even at her own wedding there were eggs and fries for Katey. While all guests enjoyed a gourmet meal, the bride's plate looked very sad. Katey is suffering from some form of eating disorder: Selective Eating Disorder. Those affected are only able to eat certain foods.

The suffering for Katey was so great that she wanted to fight the disease. Throughout her life, the mother has tried to hide her suffering behind humor. "I've always made a joke about it, that was the simplest thing."

Before holiday or restaurant visits Katey organized that there will definitely be chips and eggs on the spot. She got panic when she chose her wedding menu. John had all the delicious food and I sat there with eggs and fries. "

Katey thinks her problems come from her childhood. Her older sister also had a period of eating disorders during puberty. But she could help herself. Katey kept up the strange eating behavior.

When her children were young, Katey was eating separately from them for fear that they might also be eating. "When my son had a phase in which he only ate egg sandwiches, I realized how hard it was for my parents, " says Katey.

After the hypnotherapy, the 37-year-old is doing much better: she eats broccoli, beans, and starts testing more every day. "My plate is growing every day and my life has improved so much."