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Wedding of Duchess of Alba and Alfonso Díez

At 85 - the Duchess says "Si"

Believed that she could pinch at the last moment, nobody in Spain had. And so yesterday, as planned in Seville, the Duchess of Alba said "Si" to her husband Alfonso Díez.

Were the weddings of Prince William and Catherine and of Prince Albert and Charlene the most beautiful of this decade or even this century, yesterday's marriage was guaranteed to be the strangest. Not only is the Duchess of Alba already 85 and multiple billionaire and her mistress 25 years younger and "only" civil servant, no - it is the flair that surrounds the old lady from Spain's aristocracy and maintains: The Duchess has more Titles (altogether 45 in number) as Queen Elizabeth, more palaces than the King of Spain and more lust for life than so many Hollywood diva in prime years. The fact that we know and read so little about the noble Spaniard here is certainly due to the headstrong appearance of the lady. It is not feast for the eyes, but so bizarre that you do not really want to look. The Duchess of Alba , however, does not mind what others think or say about her. She likes to wear robes in candy colors, super-skirts, sexy fishnet stockings and a tight bikini on the beach. All the opposition to her husband and the wedding suffocated the Duchess of Alba in the bud. Her six children from her first marriage (she is widowed twice) quietened her by transferring parts of her belongings to her heirs, thus suspending her third husband's sole concern for her money. With the smart, tanned sixties, she (as often tolerated by society, doing men of advanced age) now took what she thought she must have for old age - a carer, one who worships her, and through keeps his affection young. Her triumph over all Miesepeter and blasphemers she then showed radiant after the ring exchange, as she danced barefoot a kind of flamenco.