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Vichy check scented sachets

  • Cotton fabric in white of 40 x 8 cm
  • Linen fabric of 40 x 17 cm
  • Lavender or cotton wool with lavender oil
  • Vichy checked fabric in light blue
  • Buttons to Obtain (eg.

      from Prym; Department Store)
    • Sewing machine with matching yarn
    • scissors

    1. Iron the cotton fabric on the long side 1 cm to the left and fasten it with pins on the middle of the linen fabric.

    2. Stitch cotton fabric.

    3. Fold the fabric strip in the middle right to right, so that a rectangle of 20 x 17 cm is created.

    4. Sew edges, except for an opening for everting.

    5. Turn the pillows over in the form of ironing.

    6. Add lavender flowers or cotton wool soaked in lavender oil to the pillow and close the opening.

    7. Obtain buttons according to manufacturer's instructions with Vichy Karostoff and sew to the cushion.