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Cookie Dough Ice Cream - with chocolate pieces

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Make ice yourself

The best thing about baking is the snacking of raw dough. And the best thing about raw dough is refining this ice cream. Our summer favorite: Cookie Dough ice cream.

What we liked most as little girls? The snacking of raw dough. And today? Today it is no different. Even better than out of the bowl - Cookie Dough in creamy vanilla ice cream.

Yes, we know that raw dough is unhealthy. But for that reason renounce this sugary delicacy? Never - grandmother's index finger back and forth. This summer we are looking forward to a very delicious ice cream - refined with cookie dough and chocolate pieces.

The preparation: very easy. Because if we can do one, then knead cookie dough. Simply freeze the raw dough and lift it under the vanilla ice cream after two hours. At no other time have we resisted Grandma's words as much as we do now - thank our cookie Dough Eis !

Cookie Dough ice cream recipe

Ingredients (8 people)

60 g of flour, 30 g of sugar, 35 g of brown sugar, 30 g of soft butter, 1 packet of vanillin sugar, 30 ml of water, 35-50 g of dark chocolate (roughly chopped), 1 packet of vanilla ice cream


1. Mix the butter with the sugar, add water and fold in the flour and pieces of chocolate. Put the dough in the freezer for about 1-2 hours.2. Cut the frozen dough into small cubes and fold under the vanilla ice cream.