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Brooke Shields is a loud neighbor

Brooke Shields brings the blood of her neighbors to life with her alterations to her New York home

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields / ©

The actress ('Lipstick Jungle') has commissioned extensive renovations to her $ 5.6 million house in the West Village of the City. However, construction workers are said to make so much noise that local residents have threatened to move out if this continues. A resident who lives near the television star complains, "They start construction work and people every morning at six in the morning here are outraged. This has been going on for months. The people in the houses next to her threaten their brokers that they will move out, if that does not stop. "So far, all complaints about the construction workers have gone into the void. A group of residents is said to have complained to the team, but the workers said, "If you have a problem, contact Brooke Shields." BLDG Management, which leases apartments in the area, has so far refused to accept the Despite the problems that caused the celebrity neighbor, the residents of the road were happy at first when Shields moved in 2008 in the area. Her co-star, Lipstick Jungle, Lindsay Price, is said to have recommended the property to her. But the latest developments have made many rethink. "Many people here were happy when the two moved to the neighborhood. It's a pretty close-knit neighborhood so it's always nice to see a famous face. However, most now feel that Brooke has destroyed the usually peaceful atmosphere, "the neighbor continues. Despite the complaints, Shields, who has two daughters Rowan (6) and Grier (3) with her husband Chris Henchy, has defends and assures that she has permission and that the work is legal. Her spokesman told the New York Daily News: "You sincerely apologize for all the noise and inconvenience and hope more than anyone else to do it as soon as possible possible is finished. "

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