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Deco for coffee - so it's delicious on the table

  1. Buffet with bean
  2. Coffee decoration: sugar on the mills
  3. Coffee decoration: Aromatic offer
  4. Coffee decoration: Round thing

Buffet with bean

Coffee parties are again modern! Especially if there are fine pralines instead of cakes. With the right decoration, your private chocolate tasting will be a complete success.

Coffee deco : So seductive

It used to be coffee gossip just about the latest gossip. Today, the cozy and enjoyable time with friends is the focus. Ideal for: coffee variations and chocolate compositions. With accessories made of natural materials in warm colors you conjure up the right ambience.

€ 1390, coat, about € 460, table, about € 990, bench, about € 460: the laundry chairs. "Trendy 2013", about 79 €: Ikea. Dresser, about 339 €, picture, approx. 23 €: House Doctor via Car Mug, ? Approx. 8 €: Nordal via Car Candle Holder, approx. 20 €, cushion, approx. 39 €, Carafe, approx. 35 €: Bolia)

Coffee -Deko: Delicate reservation

The icing on the cake of your coffee-chocolate-tasting are thematically fitting place cards. Write the names of your guests on the plates with liquid couverture. To melt the chocolate in a water bath and fill in a piping bag. If you do not have a piping bag to hand, just fill the couverture into a freezer bag and cut off a corner. With a praline as an amuse-gueule a delicious welcome is guaranteed.

9 € Lambert napkins "Confettis", about 5 €: Garnier Thiebaut, spoon and fork, each about 7 €: Lambert glass, about 6 €: Pretty Interior about Car)

Coffee decoration: sugar on the mills

Original accessories such as a coffee grinder converted into a sugar bowl (eg via DaWanda) set stylish highlights on your coffee table.

(Espresso cup, about 10 €: Zara Home, milk jug, about 8 €: the laundry)

Coffee decoration: Aromatic offer

The special coffee wreath includes an extraordinary invitation. To do this, fill a bag or envelope made of brown paper with fresh coffee and cocoa beans. With this intense aroma you will tune your guests to your private tasting. Design the front of the invitation with a matching illustration and wrap the envelope with a drawstring. Practical: The invitation is at the same time a fragrant souvenir.

30 €: Asa Selection about the laundry Tealight, about 15 €: Bloomingville Espresso cup, about 10 €: Zara Home)

Coffee decoration: Round thing

Such pretty cuffs spice up plain coffee mugs. They are easy to make and individually printable. Color perfect: the brown bean print.

The instructions for the coffee mug cuffs can be found >> HERE

(Mug "Bamboo mug to go", about 8 €: Nordal about Car vase, about 7 €: The laundry spoon, about 7 €: Liv by TM Interior)

Coffee decoration: Fragrant duos

Let your guests decide which coffee best suits which type of chocolate! Show possible combinations on a menu card. Simply describe and frame a black box with a white fineliner. Before that, present the chocolates in bowls and mousse au chocolat on the cake stand . No matter what combination - the main thing is yummy!

13 €: Bolia Bowl with Handle, Pack of 12 € 17 House Doctor about Kufaja Bowl, oval, about 6 €: Asa Selection Plate, about 4 €: Lambert. angular, about 6 €: The Laundry Elephant, about 59 €: Lucie Kaas about Human Empire Shop)

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