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Demi Lovato: Sweet marriage proposal on the stage

Gold engagement Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato and her long-term friend Wimer Valderama finally make serious? On Instagram, the singer revealed that she is now engaged but with a very different and much younger boy.

Demi Lovato engagement
Photo: @ddlovato on Instagram
A big age difference, however, has never bothered her.

As the sweet photo from October 12, 2014 proved (@ddlovato on Instagram), Demi Lovato had to bend down to accept her engagement ring, and not just because the entrant was kneeling in front of her.

The engagement rings of the stars shows the gallery!

A little fan told the singer during her world tour in the middle of the stage his great love. "Oh by the way, people, I'm engaged. Thanks to my future husband Grant. The sweetest of all times, "she wrote entranced to the golden moment.

Whether the action finally brought Wilmer Valderrama to the right idea? Lately, the couple has lived out his feelings more and more public and made no secret of the relationship.

Demi Lovato's true love is twelve years older than her at the age of 34. Will there be a real engagement soon?

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