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Three cool summer outfits for plus-size women

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  1. Beautiful styled by the summer
  2. The summery leisure look
  3. Why do we like the outfit?
  4. The summery B ro look
  5. Why do we like the look?
  6. Wedding? Family celebration? Her with the summer party look
  7. Why do we like the outfit so much?

Beautifully styled by the summer

Many plus-size women quarrel in the summer and prefer to wear long and inconspicuous rather than short and airy. That does not have to be. Here are three outfit variants for large sizes, for every occasion.

The summery leisure look

The sun is shining and the beer garden is calling? Nothing is more beautiful than having a wonderful afternoon with friends. An unpretentious but not less beautiful look has to come here. We decided on a white summer dress. Whether with sleeves or without, everyone is free and looks good in both cases. We wear red and white striped wedges with ribbons, a cute gold chain and a headband. When it gets cooler in the evenings, we cuddle up in the red cardigan. For those who are a bit sensitive on the neck, there is a scarf in blue: optional the ethno or stars and stripes prints.

Why do we like the outfit?

It is wonderfully uncomplicated and at the same time beyond boring. Red, white and blue are a grateful combination that always conveys a maritime appearance. The dress is cut A-line and conceals the hips and buttocks. The cardigan is cut long and also makes a luscious butt disappear a little. The wedges make long legs and are more comfortable in summer than classic pumps. Small highlights are set by the delicate accessories.

The summery office look

Casual and at the same time chic at work? This is especially important in warm temperatures . Therefore we recommend a black, light trousers and a thin jeans blouse. For the stylish finish, there are lace-ups and silver accents, such as an XXL watch and glitter earrings. For the brave, there are also alternative silver shoes for even more glamor in the office.

Why do we like the look?

Because he is very easy to style. The black trousers can be worn as a 3/4 version or roll up as a long model. The great thing about black is that it's always a bit slimmer. There's a trendy jeans blouse. If you have a small breast, you can grab pieces with breast pockets. Anyone who is already blessed by nature, resort to models that do not have them. Depending on desire and courage, the sleeves of the jeans blouse can be rolled up. We then get the office style with shoes and accessories. These should not be too playful and may also have a slightly masculine touch. Currently very hot: Flat lace-ups, which combine a bit of the Budapest look in itself. It's classic with a dark model. Bold people wear silver lace-ups to the outfit and give the whole look an Eycatcher. Matching: Silver jewelry, such as glitter earrings and a clock.

Wedding? Family celebration? Her with the summer party look

Of course, a special invitation also includes the special outfit. We decided on an airy summer dress in Mint. We combine wonderfully rich blue with a touch of noble gold. A color combination that lets your sun kissed complexion shine.

Why do we like the outfit so much?

Whether with or without sleeves, both dress variants conjure up a beautiful silhouette. How do you do that? With darts and ribbons below the chest. So a nice waist is conjured and the fabric then flows down in A-line. When it gets colder, there's a bolero jacket for tying over it. The great thing: Due to the hanging loop ends, the belly is also covered a bit and visually stretched the upper body in the length. The accessories in gold and blue give the dress the noble touch and let the delicate color shine in addition. The high heels stretch again optically in the length. The flat shoes make us comfortable in the evening ...

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