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The brush 1x1: These brushes need you

Whether powder, blush or eye shadow for almost everything you need a make-up brush. But which is the right one for what?

The right brush is crucial for a successful make-up
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  1. Rouge Brush
  2. Powder Brush
  3. Eye Shadow Brush
  4. Lip brush
  5. Clean the brush properly

We have put together a small brush 1x1.

Rouge Brush

They are usually bevelled and thicker than brushes for lips or eye shadows. Due to the bevel, the brush adapts well to the cheek contour. Noble rouge brushes are made of goat hair. However, synthetic brushes are better for allergy sufferers.

Powder Brush

Powder brushes are round, big and very dense and soft. The reason is that they hold and distribute such loose powder very well. Powder brushes can be made of pony hair. If you find this disgusting, you can confidently resort to a synthetic brush.

Eye Shadow Brush

Fine work is in order here: a brush for applying eye shadow must be tight and as small as possible. Eyeshadow must be applied precisely and comprehensively. Therefore, a soft brush is out of the question here.

Lip brush

Also lip brush should be as small as possible. Here, however, it makes sense that these taper. So you can even trace the fine lip contours. For a lip brush, it makes sense to choose a variant with a cap, since the moist lipstick smears everything else.

Clean the brush properly

Make-up brushes need to be cleaned regularly because there are a lot of micro-organisms on our skin. This is completely normal. However, if they get into an imbalance, it can lead to rashes. To prevent proliferation of fungi and germs, you should clean your brush regularly. It's easy and does not take much time. There are special soaps or cleaning lotions (for example from Mac). With these simply wash out the bristles of the brush regularly and already the danger of a rash or skin irritation is banned.

However, what you should avoid is swapping or lending brushes. To transfer germs faster. Also in beauty salons, you should pay attention to whether the brushes look new and clean or, if necessary, ask when they were last cleaned. Because otherwise threatened instead of beautiful make-up a nasty rash.

These brushes should be in your closet: (from left to right) 1. Ebelin Powder Brush, 4.95 Euro, 2. Bare Minerals Make Up Brush, 26 Euro, 3. Catrice Eye Shadow Brush, 3 Euro, 4. Make-Up Brush by Ebelin, ca. 3 Euro, 5. Beveled Eyeshadow Brush, 2.95 Euro