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Stefanie Hertel: Your grandma was a herbal witch

Stefanie spent a lot of time with her grandmother in her childhood.
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"She taught me everything!"

What you really did not know about the singer

A year ago, the end of their marriage not only shook the folk music industry. Stefanie Hertel (33) and Stefan Mross (36) have been the dream couple for over 17 years. Today they are friends.

We publish exclusive excerpts from a very personal interview, which the singer led with moderator Susan Stahnke (45) for "Tischgespräch".

Get to know sides of the native Vogtlander, of which you certainly did not know anything!

Your life as a "little boy"

Stefanie Hertel: "I grew up very carefree. All around were meadows, forests. And I was a little robber.

I was more boy than girl. We went by bike, built caves in the forest and in the winter we had a warm-up in the moor. We looked like little pigs afterwards. "

The herbal witch

Stefanie Hertel: "My grandma lived in a small house in a clearing in the woods. For them, it was the greatest thing to go to nature every day.

I was with her many times as a child and accompanied her. I learned so much from her! My grandmother had to buy a maximum of bread and a piece of butter during the summer. Everything else she has worried herself from the garden and the forest.

She has collected herbs and made a tea of ​​it. She even made healing salves herself. Great! If I have a little more time, it will be a big hobby for me. "


Stefanie Hertel: " Having time is the greatest happiness for me. If I have a day or two really rest, then I enjoy that very much: Turn off your phone and off to the mountains, wild camping. "