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Andrea Berg prays at the bedside for her parents

Andrea Berg: Now she has to be very strong and very brave because her parents need her.
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Accident tragedy before the TV show

All the glory, the great success, the many money. All this is completely meaningless when it comes to the health of the family! It was a terrible accident shortly before your own door in Klein-Aspach (near Stuttgart). Andrea Berg's parents Jürgen (68) and Helga (66) had a terrible car accident, survived it only by a miracle. Andrea Berg (45) is still in shock - full of hope she prays for her parents at the bedside ...

For the pop singer, these are the hardest days of her life. Hard to imagine what might happen in her. Because when the bad news reached her, she was a guest on a live TV show. The singer only stayed because her parents were out of danger but flew home immediately after the show. Since then she has been waking up every spare minute at her parents' bedside, giving consolation and sending her prayers to heaven. Andrea Berg thanks God, that her parents survived this accidental drama. And that borders on a miracle. "In a smaller car they would not have survived, " says the chief of operations of the fire department Großbottwar. "They drove head-on against a tree and must have had a good guardian angel." They had a good guardian angel The rescue workers had a picture of horror as they came to the scene of the accident. Jürgen Berg had suffered a sudden fainting attack, lost control of the car, and crashed head-on into a tree. The large Mercedes estate car of the couple had then only scrap value was completely crushed front. The impact was even so severe that Helga Berg was trapped in the vehicle, suffered several fractures and had to be cut out. It is therefore thanks to the courageous intervention of the rescue personnel that both are already well on their way to recovery.

Andrea Berg now finds strength in faith, speaks with her guardian angels. "I think we all have angels. They comfort us, and we can ask them, " the singer confesses. And right now, she and her parents need those guardian angels more than ever. With much love and care, Andrea Berg tries everything so that her beloved parents get well again as soon as possible. Because after this shock, the famous singer has again become aware of how suddenly the perfect family happiness can be over.