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Knitting instructionsKnitting fist gloves with cable pattern

Winter is coming and we are well prepared. With these white fist gloves with cable pattern, the fingers stay pleasantly warm.

Photo: Schachenmayr

And so that you can knit these great fist gloves comfortably, we have the knitting instructions for you here.

Size: 7 - 8

You need this:

  • Schachenmayr Boston, 50 g-ball Fb 00002 (Nature) 2 balls
  • Needle game N 7
  • auxiliary needles

basic techniques

Knit 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left side alternately

Smooth right:
Knit all sts right in rounds

cable pattern:
All rounds are drawn. Working in rounds after the knitting.
The 1st-4th Repeat round.

Knitting 2 M covered:
Take the first st as if to the right, then the next st on the right st
and pull the lifted M over it

Knitting tension:
With smooth right: 12 M and 18 Rd = 10 x 10 cm.


Cast on 24 stitches for the right glove, close the stitches for the round and 16 cm in the cuff pattern. Then knit over the stitches of the 1st and 2nd needle (inside of the hand) to the right side. On the 3rd and 4th needle (back of the hand), knit the cable pattern, increasing in the 1st round in the 3rd and 4th needle each 2 sts and divide the sts according to the knitting pattern. In this division knit from cuffs to a height of 7 cm and close the first 4 sts of the 1st nd for the thumb slit. For the thumb-to-toe in the next round, strike 4 sts again and continue in rounds. Knit from the cuffs to a height of 16 cm in the pattern line and start with a decrease of the ribbon lace in a first repeat of the cable pattern. At the beginning of the 1st and 3rd needle, knit the first two sts covered and at the end of the 2nd and 4th needles knit the last two sts to the right. At the next round in the 3rd needle in the braid 2 x 2 m on the right side zusammenstr together knit 2 x 2 sts on the right side = same number of stitches per needle. Repeat the decreases for the glove tip 1 x in the 2nd following round and 2 times in each round until only 8 sts remain. Tighten this M with the thread. For the thumb knit with 3 needles in rounds. Using a new thread, knit 4 sts in stocking st, and knit 6 sts from thumb rest: 4 sts from center and 1 st at right and left of thumb, knit 10 sts from cross piece = 10 sts start at 6 cm height with the decrease. Always knit 2 sts to the right until only 3 sts remain. Pull the remaining 3 sts with the thread and sew on the threads.

Left glove opposite the same