Recommended, 2022

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Map in Germany form

  • Atlas
  • Photocard in pink
  • Glue stick (eg

      from Pritt)
    • Thin red cord (department store)
    • Self-adhesive acrylic hearts (craft shop)
    • Rhinestone ABC in red (eg from Artoz; Bastelladen)
    • scissors
    • pencil

    1. Copy a map of Germany from the atlas and cut it out. Place this card as a template on the photo carton, mark and cut out. Draw in federal states free hand.

    2. Landmarks of the respective city z. B. Cut fish for the fish heads in Hamburg and pretzel for the city of Munich from a magazine and stick on. Stick the thin cord on both motifs and then glue the self-adhesive hearts on top of them.

    3. Stick lettering from rhinestones in the middle of the card.