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Nina Dobrev: "I need the thrill"

Star interview with Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev loves helicopter flights and dives with sharks. In the interview, the actress reveals that she has only one thing in front of a panic - aging.

Nina Dobrev
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The timing of an interview is actually unfavorable. Nina Dobrev only has a short, precious lunch break during the shooting of season four of the "Vampire Diaries" in Atlanta. She was already in front of the camera for six hours that day and the make-up people are already waiting.

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But Nina takes the time - even more than planned. Her big brown eyes are fixed on me, the facial expressions are alive-natural, without the professional rigidity, in which some stars fall in meetings with journalists. The passion she gives herself in the interview is literally felt.

Nina Dobrev is a frontier worker

Euphoric she raves about things that move them - from the touching coming-of-age story "Maybe Tomorrow" (since November 1, 2012 in the cinema), a movie that she is "very proud" up to her restless search for adventure in life.

When she tells us that she enjoys collecting extreme experiences and is a frontier worker, she immediately notices what she is all about: Nina is still looking for herself!

JOY: Her current movie "Maybe Tomorrow" portrays sensitive high school kids who are outsiders at their school. How was your own school time?

Nina Dobrev: It was very different from the movie, if only because I went to the Wexford Collegiate School For The Arts in Toronto, a school focusing on performative art and visual media. I had a lot of fun, but also enormous stress. My mother is a restorer and organizes art trips, my father is a computer scientist - and both encouraged me to excel in their respective fields of expertise.

So I tried to be good at math - and art at the same time! Since I'm very passionate and perfectionist, I invested in both areas extremely much heart and soul. That occasionally drove me crazy. I did not know where my head was. That's what happens to me today. I often stop too much!

Can not you set priorities?

I find it hard because I want to try what I like and what I do not like. So also with the data. You have to go out with many men to find out what you want, who you like and who you want to marry someday.

You dated earlier as on the assembly line?

I had some relationships, but I still do not know exactly what I want in terms of my future plans.

After all, you've already figured out who you want: your "Vampire Diaries" co-star Ian Somerhalder. Is it true that you are already thinking about a wedding?

I'm just 23 - almost a baby (laughs). My whole life is still in front of me, I do not want to commit myself now!

What does a man have to accept from you?

I always need a lot of action. Sport is very important to me: I ride, jog and enjoy wakeboarding and climbing. In addition, from time to time I need the thrill and look for the risk. A few months ago I flew to Bora Bora in the South Pacific to finally take a vacation and relax, but even there I had to test my limits. I went diving, but that was not enough for me, so I decided, "Let's do something crazy and dive with sharks. That was the ultimate endurance test. "

Were not you afraid?

A little bit, of course, but of course it's also about overcoming that feeling. I saw black and white tip sharks and lemon sharks - no problem. I would not have trusted a Great White Shark, but I saw the Steven Spielberg movie too often (laughs) - at most with a diving cage. Sharks bite off you just to see how you taste. After this experience I have to look for another challenge soon (laughs).

Where does this ambition come from?

I owe that to my older brother Alex. Whenever he did something, I wanted to do the same or even surpass him.

Do you have quiet moments in between, where you can really breathe deeply?

There are actually moments when I just feel free and happy - similar to a key scene from "Maybe Tomorrow": Emma Watson's figure leans out of the car roof window at 120 km / h, enjoying the wind in her face and listening to it at full volume "Heroes" by David Bowie. I have already done something like that! Great was also my first helicopter flight. Of course, this feeling of weightlessness is much more intense in a helicopter than in a huge plane.

Are there things you would never like to change?

To go back to high school: I wanted the moment of graduation never to come, so I still have it in front of me. The only thing I'm afraid of is that time goes by too fast. That's why I try to consciously experience every moment - because in the next minute it is already over.

If there was a time machine - would you like to travel back to your youth and want to experience it all again?

In principle, yes, because it was a great time. It's just not about experiencing something for the first time. The older you get, the less often there are such premieres. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I always want to try new, crazy things. Because in such moments, I feel a wave of euphoria and energy that tingles to the tips of my toes!

Is that also true for love?

Also, I do not want to commit myself yet and still many new experiences.

Is love a thrill for you?

It depends on the person you are with and the point of personal development. Being in love is definitely very exciting!

There are people collecting memorabilia to capture experiences. Are you one of them?

Yes, where I am a very organized person. I like it when things are tidy and clean. I have many boxes and drawers at home, in which I pick up the tickets and badges of all the awards that I have ever visited.

You regularly win awards for your starring role in Vampire Diaries. Would you sometimes like to be a vampire who does not age?

I find the idea of ​​not being tied to time extremely fascinating. If it were possible in reality, I would definitely want to be a vampire. How intelligent you would be and what incredible experiences you could gain - enviable!

But would you like to feed on blood and only live in the dark?

I have no choice and you always have to sacrifice something. There are good and bad sides to every kind of life and you just have to find out for yourself if the benefits outweigh and are worth it.

If you do not want to become a vampire, you will inevitably die. Is that also an issue that you are increasingly considering as a result of the series?

I often get the feeling that I am a bit dulled by the series on this subject. After all, almost all the characters with whom my serial character Elena has to die die. As a result, you automatically build an inner protective barrier, so that the whole thing is not too much under your skin. I am fortunate that my close relatives are all still alive, so I did not have to deal privately with it. But if somebody from my family dies - knock on wood, that will not happen in the near future - then that would immediately bring me back to the very bottom of reality.

Luckily, there are even more pleasant topics. Is it true that you are passionate about cooking?

There are phases in which I am so exhausted by Drehs that I only want to be at home at the stove. Then I like to experiment with exotic ingredients - sometimes I obviously exaggerate it, because many of my dishes are frankly terrible (laughs)!

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