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Why does Jared Leto look so young at 42?

Jared Leto with a long mane and a three-day beard
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What we can not get out of our heads since the Oscars 2014 ...

Actor Jared Leto (42) is beautiful on the outside and slanted inside. He sleeps with Hollywood's most attractive women, rubs himself up for his roles, tours around the world with "30 Seconds to Mars" and has never left our heads since the Oscars 2014 !

Honestly, why is not Jared Leto aging?

At 42, Jared Leto looks like he's been pissed off, but what's his secret? Has he made a pact with the devil, is it due to his diet (Jared Leto is vegan), does he allow himself to be cloned again before every performance, or does he not exist at all and is just a projection of our imagination? The fact is: Jared Leto is just HOT!

And why is Jared Leto so damn attractive?

As a kid, Jared Leto wanted to become a drug dealer because he had a stable market. Instead, he drifted around as a graffiti sprayer, first wanted to become a painter and then an actor, found his entry in 1995 as a coroner of Claire Danes in the series "Welcome to Life". This made Leto involuntarily a teen star, 1996 then even the freestyle to one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in the "People" magazine. Bad for the weird Leto. Just get out of this drawer. The only weapon of the beautiful man: the acting.

With his freshly Oscar-winning role in "Dallas Buyers Club" as the best supporting actor (he plays an AIDS-ill homosexual transvestite), Jared Leto fights out of the rigid thinking of Hollywood - and therefore we like it all the better!

The lateral thinker arrives on the red carpet where he celebrates his otherness. "When I die, I want to be carried into the forest, put my naked body in a hollow, with a light layer of soil on it so that the animals can come and nibble at me until I'm gone, " he says. You do not have to understand that. But it is cool.