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Lots of light in the bathroom

Before, afterwards

Completely renewed in the Scandinavian style with light wood, strong fabrics and fresh colors.

Sea blue tiles, cloudy white furniture and evening red accessories are always refreshing and have been consistently used in this bathroom. The atmosphere is Nordic clear, light drips playfully from the ceiling. The sense of practicality, which is pronounced in Scandinavia, is shown in detail: The huge wall mirror expands the small room, and the straight-lined washbasin on reduced birch skis convinces through storage space and storage.


A pure functional bathroom without feel-good factor.


From Zweck- to Wohnbad: tub, sink and toilet were replaced, but remained in place, since the laying of pipes is disproportionately expensive.

To order: fancy fish?

"They fit in every niche, " assures Thomas Tannenberg, inventor of the "Small Art" images. He paints fish and other animals. Acrylic on wood, from 5 x 10 to 30 x 50 cm in size. From 15 Euro,

Cleaned up

Pots, jars, combs and Q-tips disappear in the four drawers of the vanity unit.

Bright idea!

In this bath not only relaxing bathing, but also comfortable showering, because in addition to the hand shower, a plate shower was installed, the water raining gently or pattering from above. The shower curtain has been doubled with a linen fabric plus striped border, which underlines the character of the bathroom.

Manufacturer: Vanity "Godmorgon", basin "Norrviken", runners "Molger", complete about 490 Euro: Ikea. Valve "Talis", approx. 130 Euro: Hansgrohe. Floor tiles, 20 x 20 cm, about 63 Euro / sqm: Via. Wall tiles, 10 x 10 cm, approx. 59 Euro / sqm: ceramic studio Voß. WC "Omnia Architectura", approx. 510 Euro: V & B. Bath "Betteocean low-line", approx. 1200 Euro: Beds. Lights "Drop", each about 135 euros: Next Home Collection. Carpet "Dot", from about 46 euros: Luiz. Bath mat (tub edge), about 17 euros: Butlers. Curtain fabric "Tinto": Kinnasand. Tensioning rope: Rosso. Wall color "F6.05.70": Sikkens. Basket, about 29 euros, vases: Eden Living. Toothbrush cup, soap dish, bathroom accessories: scale. Towels, each about 35 euros, bag, about 20 euros: Herzallerliebst. Stoneware wall tiles, 10 x 10 cm, matt, approx. 59 Euro / sqm: ceramic studio Voß. Bathtub "Betteocean", 38 x 180 x 80 cm, approx. 1200 Euro: Beds. Armature "Croma", with plate and hand shower, ca. 390 Euro: Hansgrohe. Shower curtain "Lola", about 43 Euro / m: Luiz. Curtain fabric "Tinto", linen, 155 cm wide, approx. 88 Euro / m: Kinnasand. Badaccessoires: scale. Vanity unit "Godmorgon", 58 x 120 x 47 cm, approx. 330 Euro: Ikea. Cup, about 17 euros, Eden Living. Basket, about 10 euros: the laundry.