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Cake hood with gift ribbon

  • 1 fly hood (household goods, about 10-12, - €)
  • wide gift ribbon with dots (craft shop, 2, 99 € / roll)
  • 8 small, yellow buttons (craft shops / haberdashery, approx.

      0, 80 €)
    • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
    • thin sewing needle and sewing thread in yellow

    1. Cut 8 strips of appropriate length. You have to reach from the center of the hood to the lower edge.

    2. Apply tapes with double-sided adhesive tape. If the decoration should remain permanently on the hood, you can also sew on the ribbons.

    3. Put 8 loops each out of gift ribbon and sew them with a button in the middle at the end of a glued ribbon.

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